Electronics & other gear

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While camping or spending a lot of time on the road, having the proper gear to recharge your electronics is essential. If you are only carrying usb-chargeable devices, a handy lighter plug-to-usb adapter can come in very handy. We purchased this one and it works like a charm.

Need something to recharge devices with AC plugs? We strongly recommend getting a (500W or more) power converter that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and converts 12V DC battery power to 120V AC, which is great for charging laptops, cameras, batteries, etc. They often come with a few AC outlets and USB slots as well. Important: inverters should only be used while driving, otherwise you will drain the car battery if the engine is off.e used to lug around several plug adapters (or one adapter and small power bars) for the different devices we wanted to have charged. Now there are great plug adapters that allow you to plug up to three plugs and two usbs. 

Another great device to have is an external battery for charging your usb devices, especially if you plan on being away from charging options for a while. These batteries can charge multiple devices simultaneously, multiple times, on a single charge.

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