Camera gear & photography

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Pat has been shooting with the Nikon D5500 DSLR since 2017.  It really is a great camera for the amateur, but serious, photographer. If you are serious about photography, we highly recommend getting a second camera battery, even if they are not particularly cheap. You never know when a battery will die out, if you will run into charging issues. We find that the best approach is to always have one battery in the camera in a second battery fully charged. If you are into animal photography or plan on going on a safari as we did in 2018, a zoom-lens is a must. We purchased the Tamron G2 150-600mm. Although expensive compared to non-zoom lenses, the reach and results were simply amazing. Obviously, deciding on whether to purchase such a lens depends on your intended (and frequency of) use and how much you value the unique experience of seeing wild animals up close. Check out some examples here.

If based in Montreal, Lozeau is your one-stop shop for everything photography related. Alternatively, we’ve found that Amazons prices are very comparable, only without the salesman know-how and expertise. 
Interested in night photography or astrophotography? We we wouldn’t consider ourselves experts, so we defer to those who are. We found that this blog was extremely helpful to set up our Milky Way shots in Namibia.

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