Top hiking destinations

Although we very much enjoy other means of exploring when we travel (see our “Top road trip destinations” page), sometimes, hiking can’t be beaten when wanting to admire the varied landscapes around the world, plus it gets our hearts pumping! This section focuses on day-hike destinations, with trails that, for the most part, can generally be completed in under 4-5 hours.

#1 Gros Morne NP, Newfoundland

With over 100 km of trails, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gros Morne National Park has a great variety of hiking trails, both in length (ranging from 1 km to 14 km) and in sights (majestic fjords, cascading waterfalls, towering cliffs, alpine highland tablelands and wandering coastal pathways). It is this variety that puts Gros Morne #1. 

#2 Kauai 

Of all the hiking trails, those on Kauai offer the best vistas, hands down. However, the occasional rain rendered the trails very muddy and difficult to navigate.

Hiking in Kauai

#3 Switzerland

We are particularly referring to the Interlaken area, there are some sublime hiking trails with great viewpoints, particularly near Murren.

Pictures coming soon.

Honorable mention
While Iceland has some awesome hiking trails, the weather was far from always being cooperative. The lack of trees and forests also made the wind a frequent enemy. 

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