Top experiences

For us, “Top experiences” represent moments that combined both pure fun and awe where we truly felt immersed in whatever activity we were doing or witnessing. Because these were such unique and special experiences, we often either chose to not bother taking many photographs, couldn’t, or the conditions weren’t ideal.

#1 Kayaking with seals in Walvis Bay, Namibia

This was such a fun experience, words will not do it justice. The seals were so playful and were constantly hovering around the kayak. It was rare that there were a dozen seals within paddle distance. 

Kayaking with the seals

#2 Witnessing the aurora borealis in Iceland

Again words cannot do this experience justice. We were just in awe while the sky lit up with all sorts of colors. 

#3 Snorkeling in Oahu and Kauai

We haven’t had much experience with snorkeling before this trip, but this was a real eye-opener as it was so much fun and just an overall amazing experience to be able to see so much brightly colored marine life from up close. 

Snorkeling in Kauai

Honorable mentions

  • We felt the Blue Lagoon was a truly unique experience and we would definitely go again, but, yes, it’s an expensive activity.
  • Watching a collection of icebergs float on by in northwestern Newfoundland was special.
  • Seeing the clear skies and the milky way at night in Namibia.

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