Why Namibia? We have long wanted to visit the African continent and we both love animals, whether exotic or domestic. So targeting a country where a self-drive Safari was possible was key.  But what set Namibia apart from other well-known Safari countries (e.g. Botswana, South Africa, Kenya) is the variety of fascinating landscapes it also had to offer, from the largest canyon in Africa, Fish River Canyon, to the giant red dunes in the world’s oldest desert, the Namib. Furthermore, Namibia lends itself well to a road trip holiday with an excellent road system and it is one of the safest countries to visit on the continent, in part because it is the least densely populated country on the continent with 2 million inhabitants sharing a landmass nearly twice the size of California. Finally, Etosha National Park, is the perfect place to experience a self-drive safari, a place where you can visit the variety of wildlife inhabiting the park with your own car.

We visited Namibia in September 2018.