Kauai (Hawaii)

Why Kauai? The better question is probably: why not? Most Hawaiian islands are the perfect blend of golden beaches, awesome waves, scenic coastal landscapes, laidback vibes, and a hikers paradise. For work-related reasons we had to spend six nights in Honolulu (poor us!), Hawaii’s capital on Oahu island. During our time there, we did have time to explore portions of the island, and from there made our way to Kauai where we spent the next eight nights. The biggest decision we faced was related to which island to visit after Oahu: Maui, Big Island, or Kauai?

Maui is probably Hawaii’s most famous island and is well-known for its beaches, Big Island is home to Hawaii’s only still active volcano, whereas Kauai is often referred to the Garden Island or the Green Island. We were particularly drawn to Kauai, which is Hawaii’s oldest island and its age has graced it with valleys, mountains, lush rainforests, and rivers unlike those on any of the other islands. The island’s dramatic green scenery seemed to make it the perfect spot for outdoor activities, like kayaking, snorkeling and hiking, so it’s a perfect spot for the adventure traveler. Kauai also has its own share of spectacular beaches and is home to Waimea Canyon State Park – also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

We visited Kauai in June 2015.