Why Iceland? The land of fire and ice has long been on our travel bucket list. Pat got a brief taste of Iceland back in 2009 when he extended a layover into a two-night stay and has since been itching to return to further explore the country. Amazing moon-like landscapes, jaw-dropping national parks, refreshing hot springs, giant glacier lagoons, and an endless supply of waterfalls, are just some of the few things that were constantly drawing us to Iceland. Furthermore, Iceland lends itself well to a road trip: it has an excellent road system centered around the famous Ring Road that laps around the country, it is small enough that you can easily travel around the majority the country in as little as 7-10 days, and contrary to popular belief, the interesting sights are more or less spread out all over the country and not just near and around Reykjavik (e.g. Golden Circle and South Iceland). Not to mention that it is a shorter hop than flying to mainland Europe and makes a great stop as an extended layover when travelling to or from Europe.

We visited Iceland in September 2017.