Atlantic Canada & Gros Morne NP – Practical Information

Trip planning

This was one of our rare trips that was planned without using an actual travel guide book. Most of our research was done online and focused on Gros Morne National Park (NP) as the centerpiece of the trip. Note that entry and service fees are charged at most national parks and national historic sites, where revenues are kept to support visitor services and facilities. Depending on the length of your stay, you can pick between the CAD9$/day rate or the CAD49$ annual fee (2019: updated).

As highlighted earlier, we long debated whether to directly fly to Gros Morne NP and rent a car from there (the closest Airport is in Deer Lake, approximately a 1 hr drive from the NP). In the end, we decided to make our own way up to the NP, which would save us both airfare and car rental costs, while simultaneously allowing us the opportunity to visit some parts of our own country that we had yet to visit. 

We had planned to travel during late June, which we learned when researching the trip was an excellent month to visit Newfoundland: this coincided with Iceberg season. Although Gros Morne was not the best place to view icebergs, it just so happened that a few hours north was the perfect place to see them: the northwestern town of St-Anthony. St-Anthony is a great base from which to go whale watching, and is just a 40 km south of Anse-aux-Meadows, designated a National Historic Site of Canada and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to it being an important archaeological site of the first Viking settlement in North America dating back to approximately 1000 years ago. 


We were extremely fortunate weather-wise during our stay in Newfoundland. On most days it was sunny and in the low 20’s Celsius – but, it actually snowed two weeks prior to our visit and it rained most of the week following our visit. So don’t come necessarily expecting good (or very warm) weather, though when sunny it is perfect for hiking. The July average daily maximum in Gros Morne is 22 Celsius.

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