Hi there!

Welcome to Pat & Isa Travel, a collection of facts, thoughts, impressions, and other ramblings related to our recent travels around the world. We are a young(ish) Canadian couple who love to travel, hike, admire landscapes, and eat exotic food.

The genesis of the website initially stemmed from constantly being asked by friends and family the various details that made our trips successful. Don’t get us wrong, we love reminiscing and talking about our trips, but we felt that putting everything in writing would allow us to better remember details and provide more accurate accounts of the various aspects of our trips. Once we started putting things in writing, it became really hard to stop!

The information found on this website falls into two types:

  1. Factual information and personal impressions that are destined to help anyone interested in planning a trip in any of the areas we traveled to;
  2. Daily impressions published during trips in our Live Blog section. This section will next be active early September during our travels in Sicily. This section is currently being written in French.

We are currently in Sicily (September 2019)!